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Indonesian Tourism Analytics Network Dashboard

Data analytics platform for performing analysis on tourism-related data, to gain actionable insights about Indonesian visitors.

Utilize tourist data insights to drive your business decisions.

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Draw insights from tourism data to make business decisions.

Key Visitor Arrivals data presented in visualisations

Overnight visitors

Average length of stay

Receive recommendations on next steps to take in your digital transformation journey.

Access Hotel industry performance dashboard

Access Hotel industry performance dashboard

View updated Tourism Statistics



Get real-time answers to your hotel business questions with just a few clicks

Get powerful insights instantly

See where your hotel business performance is heading in the future, understand your hotel’s strengths and weaknesses.

Take decisions to boost performance

Confidently take fast data-driven decisions to boost your hotel revenue, occupancy and profitability.

Interactive Dashboards with Dynamic Visuals

Multi-dimensional & multi-measure hotel kpi dashboards to uncover potential hidden data relationships.